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Eco Club

On October 2, 2017, the Eco Club was established. As the club's "Green Teacher," Lohrii Adai served as the club's leader. Cleaning up plastic debris, weeds, and overgrown plants surrounding the campus takes up the first part of the day. On this particular day, the entire institute participated in the planting of native plant saplings throughout the campus.

The flilowing are the list of co-convenor and members during the tenure 2017-2018

  • Ms. Elozea Maheo – Co-Convenor
  • Mrs. S. Atheni – Member
  • Mrs. Ibecha – Member
  • Mrs. A. Kayikhra – Member
  • Mrs. Gaimanliu – Member
  • Ms. Komuni Khekho – Member
  • Ms. Kreni Athia – Member
  • Mr. Adahrii Athili Chakre – Member.


  2018-2021 Tenure   2021-2022 Tenure
1. Mr. Lohrii Adai - Convenor 1. Mr. Lohrii Adai – Convenor
2. Mr. Nepuni Ozhuo – Member 2. Ms. Elozea Maheo – Member
3. Mrs. A. Kayikhra – Member 3. Mr. Bishorjit – Member
    4. Mr. Ch. Ibohal – Member
    5. Dr. Kreni Lokho – Member

Missions and Visions:


  • To educate ACI students and residents of the neighbouring communities about the environment and its significance.
  • To halt the trend of plilution, deforestation, and environmental damage
  • To eliminate all plastics from the ACI campus.
  • Plan speeches for morning assemblies and popular talks on environmental problems.
  • Field trips to major environmental locations, such as wildlife parks, gardens, pliluted and degraded regions, etc.
  • Action-oriented initiatives including cleaning campaigns and tree planting on and off campus.
  • Hlid awareness campaigns against public defecation, hang signs around town, and promote good hygiene practises like washing hands before eating.
  • Creation and upkeep of People’s Biodiversity Register’s (PBRs).