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Welcome to Asufii Christian Institute's Animation and Graphic Designing Course

We are proud to offer a Free Certificate course on Graphite Designing and Animation. This fully-funded course is made possible by The North Eastern Council, Government of India, and provides our students with top-quality education in animation and graphic designing without any financial burden, making it accessible to students from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We are grateful for the support of The North Eastern Council, which has enabled us to provide our students with state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty members, and a comprehensive curriculum. With the backing of the government, our course is recognized for its quality and can help students jumpstart their careers in animation and graphic designing.

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology and software used in the industry, such as Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk Maya, to name a few. Our classrooms are designed to be comfortable and conducive to learning, with modern equipment, such as projectors and high-speed internet connectivity, that allow students to access online resources and work on projects seamlessly.

At Asufii Christian Institute, we understand that practical experience is essential to succeed in the industry. That's why we have a dedicated studio space where students can work on their practical projects and assignments, equipped with the latest equipment used in the industry, such as cameras, lighting equipment, and sound recording equipment, to provide students with a real-world experience.

We have 12 high-end desktop computers with Xeon processors, ample RAM, and powerful graphics cards, as well as online UPS for power backup, in our labs. These powerful machines are capable of handling even the most demanding animation and graphic designing tasks, and ensure that our students have access to the best tools and resources available in the industry.

Our team of experienced faculty members are passionate about teaching and are committed to helping students achieve their goals. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the laboratory and are always available to provide guidance and support to students.

We are currently offering morning and evening batches for a six-month course, with the first batch having already started in March 2023. If you're interested in joining our course, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to find out more about enrollment and availability. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain top-quality education in animation and graphic designing without any financial burden.